Food Obsession

  • Croquembouche, a cream puff tower with sugar cookies and spun sugar

    Croquembouche, a cream puff tower with sugar cookies & caramel spun sugar

    I’ll admit it: I’m obsessed with food. Yet, strangely, I hate the term “foodie” and silently cringe when people call me that. To me, the term “foodie” describes the person who obsesses over celebrity chefs, chases after food trends, constantly takes photos of his/her food and writes nitpicky Yelp reviews about how the restaurant used to be so good, but then everyone discovered it and now it’s not as cool. I am none of those things.

    I’m a home baker at heart and not a food snob. I can sit down and eat a slice of cake bought at the grocery store, as much as I can make a croquembouche, a cream puff tower complete with sugar cookies and spun sugar, suitable for a wedding. I do try to steer clear of a lot of processed foods, but everything in moderation and sometimes you just want that box of mac & cheese (though I’ve been known to sprinkle a little truffle salt on it).

    Why do I bring that up here, on my design site? Aren’t you here to look for a designer? Well, I feel like you should know who I am and what makes me tick. I love design. I love sitting down at a blank screen or piece of paper with the potential to make beautiful logos or posters. Just as I love going into the kitchen, rummaging around the cabinets and the refrigerator to whip up a cake or pie out of what I have. The two things are not dissimilar.

    Designers will tell you how much they love to sit there and kern the type so it’s beautiful, or work a project until it looks perfect. But when all you do is think about design, you get tunnel vision. Life is full of experiences, all of which bring and influence each and everyone of us.

    Food is my inspiration and it’s no surprise that a large portion of my design work focuses on food. If I can understand why your product is better or unique, in ways that a “regular” designer cannot, I can build a better design out of it. Because ultimately it’s the passion behind the project that makes it sparkle.

    Please visit my award winning food blog Eat the Love and poke around there. You’ll discover recipes, stories, photos and more importantly, you’ll discover who I am. Thanks.