About Me

  • Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri (home of the Arch, Nelly, and Ted Drewes’ Frozen Custard), I‘ve been designing and art directing award-winning projects and campaigns for nearly 20 years (man, that makes me feel old). That hasn’t stopped me from having a life though. Formally educated at Washington University in St. Louis in Painting and English Literature with post-Bachelor’s work in Typography and Design, I am a firm believer in creating work that is strong, timeless and intelligent. I’ve found that my outside passions and interests influence and strengthen my design and work far better than the latest trend, newest typeface, or the hottest color palette (though I certainly keep up with those as well).

    That said, I prefer the typeface Bembo over Baskerville (don’t get me started on Baskerville), I am a big fan of Tibor Kalman, Peter Saville, Saul Bass and Chip Kidd, and I believe that design and advertising can change the world — whether for good (Smokey the Bear, Give a Hoot, the green poison yuck face) or for bad (the butterfly ballot).

    When I’m not designing, I’m reading incessantly, baking constantly (visit my award-winning food blog), obsessively collecting/listening to music, watching selected scripted television (I don’t really do reality tv, though there are exceptions), photographing my friends and the food that we make (preferably at the same time), lamenting the sad state of current popular culture, and doing myriad side projects that are seemingly never-ending.

    I’ve used up my 15 minutes of fame by being a featured extra in a critically acclaimed independent film (Better Luck Tomorrow), being seen in a photo shoot for Mary Englebreit Home Companion magazine, used as a model for a Syphilis Awareness campaign in Los Angeles (see if you can find me), and being not one but TWO of the Healthy Penises in the live action commercial for that campaign. See if you can figure out which one I am.

    I’ve called San Francisco my home for nearly 15 years. My partner AJ and I live near Dolores Park, a block away from BiRite Creamery, Tartine and Delfina.